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After-sales service

After-sales service

The After-sales Service Department of Changzhou Hua R Sheng Reflective Material co., LTD takes the "People-oriented, Technology-promoted, Honesty-founded, Social-devoted" as the enterprise purpose, persists in seeking truth from facts, with fair, scientific and rigorous work spirit, wholeheartedly committed to build platform for customers to provide quality services.The After-sales Service Department is mainly composed by the after-sales manager, after-sales service commissioners, back office staff. We formulate  strict work rules of the relevant customer service standards, business standards and management process in order to carry out orderly service work.

Service concept

With the faith of being honest, customer - oriented, safety - based, performance - oriented, innovation - oriented as the work policy ,we provide customers with quality services to promote sales mostly.

Service principle

We must always grasp the speed principle of public relations. We will face the relevant situations based on the fact after the scene investigation and technical analysis.

We must always grasp the principle of undertaking the responsibility. Especially because of our factors, we will have the grace to take responsibility.

We must always grasp the principles of science, rigor and hard-working spirit. Treat the facts with a scientific attitude, treat the work with hard-working spirit and rigorous work style.

We must put an end to the bad behaviour of cheating the company profit by the internal and external collusion with the fake information.

Quality dispute handling process

1.When quality problems occur, we will arrive at the location of the customer#39;s unit or the location of the customer#39;s production project for on-site investigation within 3 days from the customer complain ;

2.We will timely analyze the causes of quality problems according to the site conditions. If the situation is complicated and technical appraisal is needed, the customer shall be informed immediately;

3.After the confirmation of the quality problem causes, if the fault is caused by the customer, we will inform the customers of the cause of the quality problem in a timely manner, and provide solutions to guide the customer to solve the problem thoroughly; If the fault is caused by us, we will communicate with the customer in time to discuss the solution, and carry out the relevant content after the customers’ confirmation.

4.The document will be formed after the confirmation by both parties,it shall be signed by both parties also.

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  • E-mail: info@huarsheng.com
  • Tel: 0086-519-83635268
  • Fax: 0086-519-83832108
  • After sales service: 0086-519-83832071
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