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Car Liscence Plate Grade Reflective Sheeting

Car Liscence Plate Grade Reflective Sheeting


Features: Good ductility, flexibility and stamping property


Main application areas: Various vehicle licences

Size: 1.22m×45.7m


New energy license plate reflective sheeting


Arabic license plate and reflective effect


Our company is the main drafting unit of National Public Safety Industry Standard "reflective sheeting for motor vehicle number plate" (GA 666-2006) and "motor vehicle number plate of the People's Republic of China" (GA 36-2007).

We have watermark anti-counterfeiting, laser mark anti-counterfeiting, multi-color overprinter and other equipments, They not only can be effective anti-counterfeiting, reduce the number of false plates, sets of plates, but also can make the colorful plates to meet the user's personalized requirements. 

Anti-counterfeiting mark:


Watermark anti-counterfeiting: 

In the middle layer of the license plate sheeting, the enterprise anti-counterfeiting pattern and the regional user-designated anti-counterfeiting pattern are printed. The security pattern is clear and easy to identify.

Laser mark anti-counterfeiting:

According to the design of regional users designated pattern as anti-counterfeiting mark, Laser goes through the metal coating, the front to see no pattern, only at a specific angle can see the anti-counterfeiting pattern on the license plate.


 New energy license plate reflective sheeting


Jiangsu white license plate reflective sheeting


  Yunnan white license plate reflective sheeting


  Russian license plate reflective sheeting


 Ukrainian license plate reflective sheeting


 Indian license plate reflective sheeting


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